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I use Bitwarden as my password manager. It is open source, battle tested, and secure. But I realized recently that it doesn’t recognize a subdomain as a separate website to which I can login. One of the applications I use daily has many instances that are hosted on subdomains and each instance has its own username and password. When I need to access an instance, I have to navigate to the URL and then manually select the right option from a long list in my Bitwarden plugin for Brave to autofill my username and password. This got me thinking – I wonder if Bitwarden has an option to handle this situation.

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Turns out the Bitwarden team has solved this with a feature. By changing my default URI match detection option to “Host” I get the behavior I was hoping for. The plugin matches the right instance by subdomain and provides me a quick way to fill in my username and password.

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